Queerbodiment Facilitators in Russia
Help us build a stronger and more embodied LGBTQ+ community
in Russia

Being an LGBTQIA+ in Russia can be a very numbing experience.

So we've set up the "Queerbodiment Facilitator Course" for activists to learn the basics of embodiment.

That's where you can make a difference.

What we need:
Euro for 2-months training program in Moscow
2-days workshops in 3 Russian towns in 2021
Total amount
What we have now:
We can do it! Just need a little help
Thank you for changing this world with us
You can donate through this PayPal link
What do we need?
In 2020 we want to offer the "Queerbodiment Facilitator Course" to 15 activists - that's twice as many people as last year and it's a lot of work. We'll need 1700 EUR to cover rent, admin, and trainer costs. It would make a huge difference because the activists invited on the course are already doing massive work with the LGBTQIA+ community here.
What's next? Coming out!
Thanks to support from the Embodiment community we already have a team of facilitators who organize Queerbodiment groups in Moscow. And we are ready for the next step: start brining Queerbodiment out of Moscow, to other Russian towns where life of an LGBTQIA activists may be really lonely and dangerous. Often there is no community there as it takes a lot of courage to begin any LGBTQIA activity openly in a smaller town.

We believe that Embodiment can be the wave that will bring us all together. We plan to organize face to face workshops in other towns and then continue the courses online. The more money we get the more towns we can include in to this Queerbodiment network.

We need 500EUR to go and organize an LGBTQIA+ Embodiment event in one town.
Why Embodiment?
Many LGBTQIA+ people don't even know what embodiment is, but we're changing that - and helping change the lives of LGBTQIA+ in Russia for the better. For the past 4 years we have been working with Mark Walsh, director of the Embodied Facilitator Course.

He has done charity workshops for the LGBTQIA+ community and helped us set up a 2-month embodied training programme for our community.

Last year participants say about queerbodiment:

"I've started noticing my body: how I am, what I am doing..."

"I can tap into self-care before I start burning out"

"I feel like I have given myself permission to be"

The situations which we have to deal with can be really tough. We work with LGBTQIA+ activists who have to defend themselves in a courtroom. And those who have been attacked. And those who have to go through hard time losing jobs because saying that you are gay is illegal here. And those who have to hide their true color in order to keep their jobs. And so many others.
LGBTQIA+ people get a lot of trauma experience living in hash environment when homophobia is spread on the governmental level. Embodiment is a great tool to help people in our community to heal and regain the power.
Other Ways You Can Help
Thanks for reading this far, you are great! Even if you can't contribute financially, we would appreciate it if you could share this campaign and help more people learn about it.

We'll be glad to answer your questions, just email us at resurs.moscow@gmail.com

Best regards,
Julie Esse, Asya B. and the "Resource LGBTQIA Moscow" team.
Thank you for changing this world with us
You can donate through this PayPal link
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